America's First Latino President

It's possible that the president of the United States could very soon be named Martinez. Or Perez. Or, perhaps,...

By Jorge Ramos / April 1, 2015

Mexico's Flawed Logic

"When he awoke, the dinosaur still was there." - Augusto Monterroso. Let's say there are two people,...

By Jorge Ramos / March 25, 2015

Celebrating the Silence

What would you really like to be doing right now? That's a question we undoubtedly ask ourselves all the time....

By Jorge Ramos / March 18, 2015

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No Justice for Immigrants

When a police officer kills an unarmed immigrant in the United States, Hispanics are just as outraged...

By Jorge Ramos / March 11, 2015

Republicans: This Is Personal

If Republicans had their way, more than 4 million undocumented immigrants would lose the protections...

By Jorge Ramos / January 21, 2015

Obama's Power Has Its Limits

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE This city, famous for its lively music scene and for having a spirited vibe, was perhaps...

By Jorge Ramos / December 17, 2014


Jorge Ramos has been called “Star newscaster of Hispanic TV” and “Hispanic TV’s No. 1 correspondent and key to a huge voting bloc” by The Wall Street Journal.
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