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The End of the Party

I visited the island of Mykonos, Greece, in early July, shortly before voters shot down the country's...

By Jorge Ramos / July 29, 2015

A Paralyzed President

Some behaviors just keep repeating themselves and never change. In Mexico, every time there is a crisis,...

By Jorge Ramos / July 22, 2015

Pitbull talks music, politics, Cuba and Trump with Jorge Ramos

Pitbull talks music, politics, Cuba and Trump with Jorge Ramos (July 2015)

By Jorge Ramos / July 22, 2015

Enough With the Myths, Insults and Non sense

When it comes to undocumented immigrants, I've heard every kind of insult there is. Not that I've grown...

By Jorge Ramos / July 15, 2015

Dining With Strangers

TEL AVIV - If the purpose of traveling abroad is to learn something new, why not enjoy some home cooking...

By Jorge Ramos / July 7, 2015

Mexico's Simmering Outrage

"The real Mexico I found to be a country with a written constitution and written laws in general almost...

By Jorge Ramos / July 1, 2015

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JORGE RAMOS- Speech to Harvard Latino Students (May 28, 2015)

Hola, soy el papá de Paola. I'm Paola´s dad and I'm very proud to say that. Many people think that...

By Jorge Ramos / May 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Cinco de Mayo Promise

Cinco de Mayo is a bizarre day in the United States. While many Americans use the holiday as an excuse...

By Jorge Ramos / May 13, 2015

Undocumented and Invisible

They are everywhere, yet they remain unseen. There are approximately 11 million of them, and they do some...

By Jorge Ramos / April 22, 2015


Jorge Ramos has been called “Star newscaster of Hispanic TV” and “Hispanic TV’s No. 1 correspondent and key to a huge voting bloc” by The Wall Street Journal.
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