The Right to Be Forgotten

Everybody makes stupid mistakes from time to time. I have my own list of moments I'd like to forget,....

By Jorge Ramos / August 20, 2014

What the President Can (and Cannot) Do

People often imagine that presidents are all-powerful supermen who can do anything they want. But after...

By Jorge Ramos / August 14, 2014

Hillary Clinton Looks South

NEW YORK - Lately, the American media has been obsessed with everything Hillary Clinton says and does....

By Jorge Ramos / August 6, 2014

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A Dangerous Crossing

LAREDO, Texas - The Rio Grande is known as the Rio Bravo in Mexico; "bravo" is Spanish for fierce, treacherous,...

By Jorge Ramos / July 30, 2014

A Death in the Desert

Before Gilberto Ramos left San José de las Flores, an impoverished mountain village in Guatemala, for the United...

By Jorge Ramos / July 16, 2014


Thousands of children from Central America, most unaccompanied by a parent or relative, have crossed...

By Jorge Ramos / June 25, 2014


Jorge Ramos es considerado uno de “los 25 hispanos más influyentes de Estados Unidos” (revista Time). Newsweek lo incluyó en su lista de 50 políticos y comunicadores del país.
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