Why journalists have an obligation to challenge power

The Best Talk of Your Life

You can kick Jorge Ramos out of your press conference (as Donald Trump infamously did in 2015), but you can never silence him. A reporter for more than 30 years, Ramos believes that a journalist’s responsibility is to question and challenge those in power. In this compelling talk — which earned him a standing ovation midway through — Ramos explains why, in certain circumstances, he believes journalists must take sides. (In Spanish with English subtitles.)

Jorge Ramos: “Stop lying” about undocumented immigrants

Immigration has been at the forefront of political conversation in the United States for almost two years, particularly since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency. Jorge Ramos believes immigration is an issue that should be debated, but that this debate should be based on facts. This is what he has to say to those who have criminalized undocumented immigrants in the country.